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Opal (GL-SFT1200)

40 $
Opal (GL-SFT1200) is a pocket-sized OpenWrt travel router with best value that offers superb dual-band Wi-Fi performance. It is compactly designed for portable use, which can meet the needs of wireless internet access for small businesses, small departments or business traveler. Product Description:
  • AC1200 Dual-band Wireless Router: Simultaneous dual-band with wireless speed up to 300 Mbps (2.4GHz) + 867 Mbps (5GHz). 2.4GHz band can handles some simple tasks like emails or web browsing while bandwidth intensive tasks such as gaming or 4K video streaming can be handled by the 5GHz band.
  • Pocket-friendly:Lightweight design(145g) which designed for your next trip or adventure. Alongside its portable, compact design makes it easy to take with you on the go.
  • Full Gigabit Ports: Gigabit Wireless Internet Router with 2 Gigabit LAN ports and 1 Gigabit WAN ports, ideal for lots of internet plan and allow you to connect your wired devices directly.
  • Keep your Internet Safe: IPv6 supported. OpenVPN & WireGuard pre-installed, compatible with 30+ VPN service providers. Cloudflare encryption supported to protect the privacy.
  • Repeater for Public WiFi: Convert a public network(wired/wireless) to a private Wi-Fi for secure surfing. In general, most of the Free Public Wi-Fi hotspot set a time limit for users, which will disconnect your devices once the time is over. To deal with this situation, please reconnect your router to the wifi

Mudi V2 (GL-E750V2)

Original price was: 250 $.Current price is: 190 $.
Meet Mudi V2(GL-E750V2), a portable 4G LTE wireless Router compatible with global carriers, it designed for users to protect their internet privacy during travels and supports 300Mbps (2.4GHz) + 433Mbps (5GHz) Wi-Fi speeds, with a combined maximum Wi-Fi bandwidth of 733Mbps. Mudi V2(GL-E750V2) features a microSD card slot supporting up to 1TB, making it easy for travelers to store, share, and back up their files anywhere. Product Description:
  • Global Cellular Carriers: Mudi V2 supports global cellular network providers, offering international travelers flexible cellular connectivity using local or roaming SIM cards.
  • Open Source & Programmable: The device runs on GL.iNet's proprietary firmware based on OpenWrt, and is pre-installed with a comprehensive range of privacy and security features including connecting to VPN client, VPN server hosting, ad filtering, encrypted DNS, and more.
  • Security & Privacy: Pre-installed with OpenVPN and WireGuard®, supporting over 30 VPN service providers to keep travelers protected on the go.
  • Ease of Use: GL.iNet offers two easy ways of setting up Mudi V2(GL-E750V2)—via the GL.iNet app and the router’s admin panel. Both setup methods help you get your internet up and running in minutes.
  • Improved Battery Efficiency: Mudi V2 is equipped with a 7000mAh lithium polymer battery that boasts a rapid charging time. Additionally, it can function as a power bank to charge your external devices, such as smartphones, via its USB port.
  • Portability and Safety: Mudi V2 is suitable for traveling across different countries and continents. Designed with safety in mind, the router combines built-in VPN functionality with parental controls to keep travelers protected at all times.

Beryl (GL-MT1300)

80 $
Top-Notch Secure Travel Router Beryl (GL-MT1300) is a high-performance next generation pocket-sized router that offers a powerful hardware and first-class

Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)

Original price was: 150 $.Current price is: 100 $.
Note: Please be aware that in order to fully utilize all of the features of Beryl AX, you will need to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) is an AX3000 pocket-sized Wi-Fi 6 wireless travel gigabit router which comes with one 2.5G WAN port and one 1G LAN port. It runs on MT7981B 1.3GHz dual-core processor. Dual band network with wireless speed 574Mbps (2.4GHz)+2402Mbps (5GHz), it is designed to support families with heavy Wi-Fi usage, and it's also compactly designed for travel use. Product Description:
  • VPN Client & Server: Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) is pre-installed with OpenVPN and WireGuard®. It automatically encrypts all network traffic within the connected network. Max. VPN speed of 150 Mbps (OpenVPN); 300 Mbps (WireGuard®)
  • Customization & Programmable: Beryl AX runs on OpenWrt 21.02 (Kernal Version 5.4) firmware, supporting more than 5,000 ready-made plug-ins for customization. Simply browse, install, and manage packages with our no-code interface within Beryl AX's Admin Panel.
  • DFS Certification in US, UK, EU & Japan: Beryl AX is approved to use DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection), letting the router's 5GHz network use additional frequencies normally reserved by military, satellite, and weather radar applications.
  • Protect Your Network Security: Beryl AX supports WPA3 protocol-Preventive measures against password brute-force attacks; DNS over HTTPS & DNS over TLS-Protecting domain name system traffic and preventing data eavesdropping from malicious parties; IPv6-Built-in authentication for privacy protection, eliminating the need for network address translation.

Brume 2 (GL-MT2500/GL-MT2500A)

Brume 2 is a lightweight and powerful VPN Gateway that runs on OpenWrt v21.02 operating system. It is compactly designed to host a VPN server at home, or run SD-WAN (Site-to-Site) for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Product Description:
  • Runs on OpenWrt 21.02: Brume 2 runs fast VPN speed which allows you to access your home network away from home securely and easily. It is equipped with a USB 3.0 port to provide a significant advancement in data transfer speed and give you the flexibility to upgrade your server storage whenever you want.
  • Automatically Redirects Network Traffic: Pre-installed with OpenVPN and WireGuard® supporting 30+ VPN services. It automatically redirects all network traffic within the connected network to your VPN service or server, including guest devices and client devices that are not capable of running VPN.
  • Large Storage for Offline Data: With 8GByte EMMC (embedded multimedia card) storage, Brume 2 supports offline storage of data, save bandwidth and process data locally. With massive space for customized firmware installation, you can also enjoy faster device booting and system processing.

Cirrus (GL-AP1300)

Enterprise Wireless Networks Access Point Cirrus ceiling wireless access point is an elite business-class level gateway with MU-MIMO Wi-Fi solution.

Collie (GL-X300B)

Collie (GL-X300B) is an industrial cellular gateway designed to operate under high temperatures and scenarios with potential physical hazards. The RS485 version providing connectivity to multiple transmitter/receiver nodes. Product Description:
  • Stable CPU: Collie comes with a Qualcomm QCA9531 chipset. It provides stable performance and is also commonly used within the industry, which is perfect for industrial users to avoid breakdown.
  • Built-in 4G LTE Module: Collie comes with a standard SIM card slot that supports the 4G LTE network. It can move into 4G LTE wireless network if the Ethernet Internet fails, in order to ensure constant data transmission in the critical facilities.  
  • Built-in Watchdog: The Built-in hardware watchdog ensures the stability of Collie. It’s dedicated hardware that can detect and trigger a processor reset if necessary.
  • RS485 Module: GL-X300B-RS485 supports bi-directional datatransmission of various devices in the field of industrial automation and IoT, thus realizing the functions of data acquisition, control and monitoring.
  • Easy Configuration: Supports AT command, manual/automatic dial number, and signal strength checking in our new admin panel for better management and configuration.
  • Open Source & Programmable: OpenWrt pre-installed. Perfect for developers or IoT integration development. 
  • High Security: Supports 30+ VPN service providers, including OpenVPN & WireGuard. Cloudflare and NextDNS supported.
  • Compact Design: Its aluminum alloy shell, optional wall-mounted design, and wide range of operating temperature are designed for easy installation, storage, and operation in tough industrial environments.

Convexa-B (GL-B1300)

Gigabit Wireless Router Convexa-B (GL-B1300) is a remarkable product in order to satisfy the wireless Internet access demand for both

Flint (GL-AX1800)

Flint (GL-AX1800) is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router with connection speed up to 600Mbps(2.4G)+1200Mbps(5G). It can host VPN servers and provide a high-performance secure network for mass device connection, high-speed data streaming, ultra-low latency gaming, and office data transmission.

Product Description:

  • Powerful Dual-band AX Gigabit Wireless Router: Superior Wi-Fi speed up to 600Mbps(2.4G)+1200Mbps(5G). With MU-MIMO technology, you can connect up to 120 devices simultaneously.
  • Strengthens Internet Security: The powerful CPU provides you a high-speed VPN clients' performance: OpenVPN up to 112Mbps, WireGuard®VPN up to 500Mbps, compatible with 30+ VPN service providers. WPA2/WPA3 enterprise encryption and IPv6 are supported. Encrypted DNS with CloudflareAdGuard Home is supported for blocking ads and online tracking.
  • Most Customizable Router for Tech Lovers: Coming with *OpenWrt operating system pre-installed, allowing users to fully customize their own Wi-Fi 6 router. The extra storage also brings you a local drive to store files, which is perfect for installing different applications.

Flint 2 (GL-MT6000)

Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) is a Wi-Fi 6 home and office router, which ideally suited for heavy-duty data transmission, mass device connectivity or ultra-low latency gaming environments. The device offers blazing-fast WireGuard VPN speeds of up to 900Mbps. In addition, it also supports advanced network redundancies, including Multi-WAN, Failover and Load balance to ensure an uninterrupted network. Product Description: Multiple Security: The GL-MT6000 supports OpenVPN and WireGuard® protocols, it ensures  multiple layers of security through features such as WPA3 protocol, DNS over HTTPS & DNS over TLS encryptionAdGuard Home for blocking unwanted tracking, and IPv6 with built-in authentication for enhanced privacy and simplified routing, lets you work remotely abroad, and access geo-restricted sites effortlessly. Set up your VPN easily through the admin panel and shield all connected devices instantly. Speed, Capacity, and Stability: The GL-MT6000 Home Router features higher storage capacity, a powerful quad-core 2GHz processor, and 8 high-power FEMs for expanded Wi-Fi coverage, providing stable connections for numerous devices and meeting the needs of DIY users. Bark Parental Control: With Bark Parental Control, ensure online safety for kids by filtering out harmful content, enabling safe search on popular search engines, activating Restricted Mode on YouTube, and setting personalized screen time limits for each child.


Take your network connection to the next level with the M2 5G Development Board. This board is for DIY enthusiasts who can use its 5G Module and 5G antennas to build their own high-speed routers and modems. With fast download speed, it is ideal for households, open spaces, and IoT-powered applications. Make the most out of your internet connection with the M2 5G Development Board. Product Description: Seamless Integration: The M2 Development Board seamlessly integrates with your GL.iNet router*, making installation a breeze. Simply attach the board to your router, and you're ready to experience the power of 5G connectivity.


25 $
GL-S10 is an IoT gateway that supports BLE and Wi-Fi protocols, providing a simple and cost-efficient solution for transmitting BLE data to a cloud server. BLE supports GAP and GATT specifications and can be used as either Master-mode or Slave-mode to connect and exchange data with other Bluetooth devices. Besides, it can use Wi-Fi as a station to connect to a parent router, and it can also connect to the Internet through a WAN port. It has a built-in standard MQTT client that can connect to any standard MQTT server and forward incoming BLE messages to the cloud server. Product Description:
  • Built-in Bluetooth Module: BLE communication distance is measured up to 80 meters (in an open and non-interference environment)
  • Device Filtering and Identification: Use our GL-S10 application to deploy and configure your BLE to MQTT transmission protocols.
  • PoE Power Supply: Supports 802.3at/af standard POE input power supply
  • Optional BLE Beacon Tag: Bluetooth Beacon is an optional accessory and can be used for indoor positioning, asset management and other scenarios. The rotating base makes the device easy to disassemble; and the base has 3M adhesive which makes it easy to fix in place. After turning on the Bluetooth switch at the bottom of the beacon, the beacon will broadcast BLE signals at an interval of 300ms.